Beginners Guide to Keto Coffee | Unique Combinations for Keto Coffee Recipes

Recently, more and more people are trying out the Ketogenic diet. Whatever stage you are in, if you are starting on Keto, long-term follower of the Ketogenic diet, or thinking about giving this a shot, the good news is that coffee is Keto approved!

Starting with Keto or “bulletproof” coffee is easy! The basic recipe is the same, then you can get really creative with additional spices for extra nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties. Add cream to the basic Keto coffee for meal replacement and big energy boosts. I have tried a bunch of different recipes for Keto coffee and here are some unique combinations to try!

Basic Keto Coffee recipe

10-12 oz Coffee

1 Tablespoon of MCT or Coconut oil

½ Tablespoon of butter or ghee*

*Ghee is clarified butter and is 99.6% milk solid free, great alternative for lactose intolerant and has a higher smoke point (450 degrees). It also takes on a nuttier taste than regular grass-fed butter. Never use margarine!

Lazy Preparation Instructions

Brew some coffee, add the oil and butter to your coffee cup and pour the fresh brewed hot coffee over the butter to melt, stir and serve.

Keto Coffee Lazy Prep

The oil will form some circles on the surface of the coffee, drink it anyway.

Lazy Latte Version

Mix ingredients in your bullet mixer or blender (not too hot, otherwise the hot coffee expands and can explode when you take off the lid).

The butter or ghee will foam up during mixing for a latte-ish experience. Once I tasted the blended version, there was no going back!

First Timers

If you really want to start slow, skip the oil and just begin with coffee and butter. Decide if this is right for you, one ingredient at a time.

I was not ready to commit to MCT oil, so I began with basic Keto coffee of coconut oil and butter. It was not long until I was ready to substitute the coconut oil for MCT oil and try out more ingredients.

Start with a small amount of MCT oil and work up to one Tablespoon, to avoid possible upset tummy issues.

Ready to Experiment

It was love at first sip. As weird as it sounds, butter in coffee is creamy and slightly sweet. After the first cup of buttered coffee, I was ready to go full speed ahead!

Ground Toppings

One at a time, I started adding more ingredients to the basic Keto coffee recipe.

For the freshest nutmeg and cinnamon, buy whole seed nutmeg and whole cinnamon sticks. Grind using a fine grater to extract the strong fragrance of each spice. Grinding spices as you use them produces a far more fragrant and strong flavor, so start with less fresh ground than pre-ground and add to your liking.

Dutch processed cocoa powder can be used as a substitute for cacao in a pinch. Chocolate powder is the least healthy option and is not exactly Keto approved, for strict Keto diet skip the chocolate powder if cacao or cocoa powder aren’t available.

Each of these can be added individually, all of the above, or combinations to suit your taste. Try different combos for variety.

Make it Fancy

2 Tablespoons heavy cream

2 Tablespoons coconut milk or cream

2 Tablespoons Almond (or other nut) milk

Add one (or more, sparingly) creams to your coffee. Blend in directly or whip the cream separately and dollop on top of your Keto coffee.

Unique Recipe Combinations for Keto Coffee

Make it a Combo

Your Keto coffee will be extra delicious with one or more of the ground spice toppings plus cream for a complex and layered taste.

Some of my Favorite Combos:

  • Himalayan salt, turmeric, almond milk
  • Nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon
  • Himalayan salt, cacao, coconut milk
  • Frothed cream, topped with nutmeg and cinnamon

Iced Keto Coffee

Start with the basic Keto coffee, ice it one of two ways, then top with your favorite spices and/or creams.

  • Brew the coffee a bit stronger than normal, mix in oil and butter, then pour over ice.
  • Prepare your favorite Keto coffee hot the night before, then place in the fridge.

Cold coffee will not melt the butter and just does not get the right consistency in the blender when cold. Add your butter to warm or hot coffee for best results.

Keto Diet Basics

Here is a great starter guide for Ketogenic diet, including what is the Keto Diet, benefits, and Keto coffee.

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